We Fix Alloys – see a Porsche 911 Turbo alloy wheel repair from start to finish

In this blog we take you through our process from start to finish. Today we were working on a Porsche 911 Turbo – read below to see how We Fix Alloys will refurbish your alloy wheels in our workshop.

Photo 1: Initial inspection showing kerb damage around the rim of this Porsche 911 Turbo 18” alloy wheel when it first came into the We Fix Alloys workshop









Photo 2: Before our work – this photo shows a close up of the corrosion around the valve area









Photo 3:  Before photo showing extensive corrosion to the rear of the wheel









Photo 4: Another look at the extensive corrosion to the rear of the wheel before we got started









Photo 5: This is how the wheel looks after being stripped of its paint in our custom acid bath












Photo 6:  Close up of the corroded valve area after acid strip









Photo 7: Full wheel after shot blasting and preparation prior to the powder coat being applied in power booth









Photo 8: Close up of the valve area after shot blasting and preparation prior to powder coat being applied.









Photo 9: Full wheel after powder coat









Photo 10: Close up of that valve area after powder coat. You can really see the difference we have made









Photo 11:  Fully finished wheel, tyre fitted and back on the car









Photo 12: Finished product and that’s how we work our magic. We Fix Alloys strikes again!









Don’t forget you can always see more photos in our gallery here  and then request a call back to get a quote  for us to work our magic for you.