All you want to know plus FAQ's

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How much does alloy wheel refurbishment cost?

Depending on the nature and extent of the damage repairs can be as little as £30 per wheel. For more details check out our price list here...

Can a bent alloy wheel be straightened?

In short, yes, the majority of bent wheels can be straightened. In the last 12 months we have only had 2 that we didn’t repair. We can also repair cracks and buckles to your alloy wheels.

How long does alloy wheel repair take?

A cosmetic repair can be completed within 60 – 90 minutes per wheel. For our powder coating service we allow 6 – 8 hours. However, this can be as little as 4 hours.

Do the wheels need to be removed?

Once the vehicle has been secured, wheels are removed to ensure safety and ergonomic posture for the technician during the repair. This also allows for a uniform finish.

What types of damage can be repaired?

We can repair anything from a minor scuff or scratch to deeper gouges from contact with a kerb or pothole. Flaking lacquer from water ingress to corrosion from prolonged alloy wheel exposure to the elements and road salt can also be repaired.

How do I book my alloy wheel repair?

On our website you can click the ‘call back button’ (hyperlink) and we’ll ring you to arrange a convenient appointment. You can call us directly on 08000 14 15 99 or email

Could I rearrange my alloy wheel repair appointment?

Yes, if something crops up and you need to change your appointment, just call or email us and we’ll rebook an alternative.

What will my alloy wheels look like after an alloy wheel repair?

Our extensive gallery contains pictures from a wide range of makes and models with varying finishes and colours. We’ve included pictures showing before, during and after work to highlight the transformation that We Fix Alloys can provide for you. 

Can I change the colour during an alloy wheel repair?

Even if your wheels have no damage you may fancy a change of colour to spruce up the appearance of your pride and joy. If you have an idea or colour sample we’ll match it as closely as possible. Check out our gallery hereto see some of the bespoke finishes we have provided.

How will an alloy wheel repair affect the value of my vehicle?

We find that when comparing 2 similar vehicles, one after an alloy wheel repair and one before, the difference varies between £500 and £1000 on the sale price. It’s known to be a strong bargaining point for purchasers and sellers alike. Even if you’re not selling your car you have the personal satisfaction of knowing your alloy wheels are in first class condition.

Will an alloy wheel repair cost less than the leasing company charge?

Yes. Typically we have found we can repair all 4 wheels on a leased vehicle for less than the cost of replacing 1 wheel.

Can an alloy wheel repair work on any wheel?

Whilst we can repair almost any alloy wheel occasionally we come across one which is not financially viable for the customer. We will always offer our customers’ best advice as some wheels we encounter have been structurally damaged and may require extensive repair or, sadly, disposal.

How do I avoid paying too much for my alloy wheel repair?

By contacting us or by arranging a call back we can provide you with a quotation to suit your requirements and your pocket.

Can you perform an alloy wheel repair for a diamond cut finish?

Yes, once any damage has been repaired the face of the wheel can then be re-cut prior to applying a lacquer to preserve the diamond cut finish. See price list here...

Do you offer alloy wheel repair for polished finishes?

We can repair polished finishes to the same showroom standard as when the wheel was new. See price list here...

Can alloy wheel repair stop tyres losing their pressure?

Yes, by removing any corrosion and then resealing using a rubber solution and replacing and resealing the valve. This service is available as a standalone purchase and takes only 30 minutes to carry out. See price list here...

How can I maintain the finish after an alloy wheel repair?

First instance is to hose down the wheel prior to applying a degreaser with a nylon bristled wheel brush for brake dust and road grime removal. After this, using a non-abrasive cloth or mitt, apply a wheel shampoo solution using the 2 bucket method to remove traces of degreaser and other surface marks. Dry the wheel and then use a microfiber cloth to apply an alloy wax and then buff to a finish. Repeating this process will steadily build up a protective layer of wax.

What guarantee do I get with my alloy wheel repair?

We provide a 12 month guarantee on all mobile alloy wheel repairs and powder coat finishes. Our diamond cut finishes carry a 6 month guarantee.

Will my alloy wheel repair damage the environment?

Repairing your alloy wheels is more economical and environmentally friendly than purchasing new alloy wheels.

Damaged alloy wheels can hit you in the pocket!

Damaged alloy wheels, apart from making your car or motor bike look scruffy while you own it can also hit you in the pocket when it's time to more on. If it's your vehicle and you want to sell it privately or through trade and it has untidy or corroded alloy wheels this can significantly affect it's value.

Whether you lease or own

Even if you don't own your vehicle, and lease it instead, you'll be penalised at the end of the lease term. The first thing a vehicle inspector notices when they assess your vehicle at the end of a lease are the wheels. If they are damaged you'll end up paying for them anyway, possibly to the full value of a replacement set of new wheels.