All you want to know plus FAQ's

add £££'s to the value of your car!


Depending on the nature and extent of the damage repairs can be as little as £30 per wheel. For more details check out our price list here...

Damaged alloy wheels can hit you in the pocket!

Damaged alloy wheels, apart from making your car or motor bike look scruffy while you own it can also hit you in the pocket when it's time to more on. If it's your vehicle and you want to sell it privately or through trade and it has untidy or corroded alloy wheels this can significantly affect it's value.

Whether you lease or own

Even if you don't own your vehicle, and lease it instead, you'll be penalised at the end of the lease term. The first thing a vehicle inspector notices when they assess your vehicle at the end of a lease are the wheels. If they are damaged you'll end up paying for them anyway, possibly to the full value of a replacement set of new wheels.