10 Reasons why you would need We Fix Alloys, alloy wheel repair Newcastle

10 Reasons why you would need We Fix Alloys,  alloy wheel repair Newcastle

So you have alloy wheels – why would need them repaired at alloy wheel repair Newcastle?

1. You are about to sell your car or motor bike and want to get the best price for your vehicle.
2. You have a leased car and will get hit with a big repair bill from the lease company if there is damage to the car’s wheels
when it’s due for return.
3. You accidentally clipped a kerb and need a quick alloy wheel repair.
4. Your alloy wheels have been damaged over time by a build up of brake dust and road grime.
5. You ran into a pothole and caused damage to a wheel rim.
6. You have a classic car that you want to keep in showroom condition.

7. Your tyres lose pressure because there is corrosion on your alloy wheels causing the seal between
the tyre and the wheel to leak.
8. You had a tyre replaced recently and the wheel nut was over-tightened causing damage to your
9. Someone tried to steal your alloy wheels and caused damage when they tried to remove the locking
wheel nut.
10. Your best friend told you your car looks a mess!



We can turn your wheels from this:

Picture of an alloy wheel before alloy wheel repair Newcastle









To this:

Picture of an alloy wheel after alloy wheel repair Newcastle











For more pictures of our great alloy wheel repairs have a look here in our gallery

Just 10 reasons why you should come to We Fix Alloys for alloy wheel repair Newcastle – looking forward to meeting you soon!