Project May-hem – this months special offer!

Hi guys,

As many of you will know, we support a number of local charities. One of which is called I-Can, they are a food charity whose aim is provide those in need with basic food requirements, namely cans.

We spent quite some time with one of the charity’s organisers, Austen Hempstead, and after listening to how widespread food poverty is, we decided to try and do something to help.

So, this month our special offer to you, Project May-hem, is about helping those who need it most.

For every can of food that is donated by any of our customers we will deduct £1 from your bill. This could mean you get up to a 20% discount as well as making a huge difference to someone’s life. You may not be planning to have your alloys wheels repaired just yet, however, we are more than happy to ‘bank’ the deduction for a time more suitable to you.

Every can that is donated will be delivered to I-Can by We Fix Alloys and then they will distribute to local families. Please visit their website to find out more here or you can chat to them and us on twitter @icanfeed and @wefixalloys

I know how difficult times are for everyone in the current climate, however, I’m sure you can help us help…….

Best regards

Chris Wild


We Fix Alloys